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Ayurvedic Medicine for Joint Pain


39 Reviews
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Cure to joint pains? Here’s the answer!

Joinex, an effective Ayurvedic medicine for painful joints, is made with natural herbs & processed using ancient techniques.

It offers the best fix to the crux of your joint issues like: Arthritis (Joint Pains), Knee Pains, Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Osteoarthritis (OA), Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) & Inflammatory Arthritis.

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Ayurvedic Medicine for Joint Pain


39 Reviews







  • KUNDURU (Boswella serrata)

    Boswellia has anti-inflammatory effects, can suppress pain and immobility associated with joint pain, quite significantly.

  • CHAHA (Green tea-Camellia sinensis)

    Green tea contains large amounts of antioxidants, thought to cause both the anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anti-cancer health benefits.

  • SHUNTHI (Zingiber officinale)

    It is a traditional medicine, used as an anti-inflammatory agent for musculoskeletal diseases in Ayurvedic medicine.


    Widely used for bone metabolic disorders.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Joint Pain








  • Avoid or reduce consumption of alcohol & junk foods
  • Walk briskly for 30 minutes everyday
  • Take sufficient quantities of leafy vegetables and fruits
  • Take minimum of 3 eggs in a week with yellows

What is the specialty of JOINEX ?

Joinex is manufactured in a way, ancient knowledge delivers it’s best results with help of modern science.

  • JOINEX is an authentic Ayurvedic formulation made with years of research to address problem of arthritis and it’s related issues
  • JOINEX is made with time tested and authenticated all-natural herbs
  • Herbs in JOINEX are collected at their best stage and processed in a way that their fine medicinal properties are stabilized to offer the best results

Ayurvedic Medicine for Knee Pain


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39 Reviews

4.85 overall rating

Abhijit -October 1, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Nice.. Heals joint pains and gives strength as well.. Value for money!

Navneet -September 30, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Very useful and valuable product for people suffering from knee pain!

Pooja -September 27, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

It’s working actually.. From year my mom and dad has knees pain.. Now from one week only they are feeling better..

Madhavan -September 24, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Good relief for joint pains, especially when I was suffering for 3 months on my knee and my firend recommended to try Joinex. Great work guys! Thanks y’all!!

Jitendra Sankgar -September 19, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I was suffering from severe knee joint pain. The pain was such severe that I was unable to lift my leg to ride my vehicle. Showed to many doctors, took too many medicines for about six months but all were of no use. Suddenly, my sister suggested me to take this medicine. The pain was relieved with few weeks of use, which I was suffered from last 6 months. Wonderful product!!

Riya Suri -September 16, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

A good part of this product is that, it is free from binders, fillers, chemicals and additives. These capsules are useful for those who has suffered from arthritis. My father has a history of rheumatic arthritis, he has been using these capsules for few days, it helps him to get relieved from joint pain. But the results from the usage of this medicine may differ person to person. Overall it is a good product!!

Siva Kumar -September 12, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Good for my osteoarthritis. Best buy!

Vikram Mehta -September 6, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Truly believe in this herbal medicine. Best joint reliever pills. Purely natural and safe having no side effects. I highly recommend this medicine to people who are suffering joint pain and arthritis, because these pills are the best solution for joint pain and arthritis. Must try it!!

Nivaan Pamnani -September 3, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I bought this product for my mother who has Arthritis which causes joint pain. She could tell the difference once she started taking Joinex. This product has reduced the joint pain she felt when she stood up after sitting for a while. She used to take a different product before. She found Joinex to be much more effective.

Shubham Gupta -September 1, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I was suffering from joint pains since my college days. I have been taking this for about 3 weeks and it’s working. I have a lot of joint issues and only being a working girl and fitness freak, I suffer daily. I can’t do prescription drugs as I never had any relief plus I’m afraid of the possible damage it might do to my system. After researching, I found out a natural way with supplements.

Saurabh Malik -August 31, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I have ordered this for my mother as she is struggling with the problem of osteoarthritis. Results are nice. One pack comprises of 60 tabs is cost effective.

Vicky Singh -August 29, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

If you have pain in your knees or joints, then you should use it to make use. It is very good that my mom was suffering from knee pain, but after eating this medicine there is no pain now, weight is maintained and it is pure vegetarian. So my mom was a vegetarian too, so I asked her and she is very good. I have got very good medicines, so there is a score of 5 on my side

Rithika Sharma -August 28, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I have purchased this for my mother in law, she had joint pain and swelling on both knees.. unable to walk properly. Someone suggested me this tablet and believe me we have seen improvement in her walking.. got positive results.

Kirthi Oswal -August 26, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I bought this for my parents as they’re face too much problem of joint pains. We have taken many supplement but there was no result. After taking this she is telling my better. Total value for money product.

Neeraj -August 21, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Amazing product. Tablets are rich in herbal ingredients which protects your joints as well as helps rebuild lost cartilage. If you are using the joints heavily in gym or have problems like runners knee, this product is very useful. I have been using it for last one month and have seen significant improvement in knees.

Manish Jain -August 18, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Been using the product regularly for a month now ! Its splendid – felt so much relief. I have had 2 tablets regularly every day like mentioned on the bottle. i feel less joint pain.

Neeraj chawla -August 18, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I have arthritis and I have problem in movement and joint pain. I tried so many other medicines but I didn’t get relief. I will completely recommend this product, saw such. Big difference, been taking regularly for a month now.

Diwahar -August 17, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

got it for my dad..he is happy and has asked me to order the next batch..

Vandana -August 15, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Second purchase. Very good product for joints and helps a lot with knee issues.

krishan kumar -August 10, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Good product if you take it regularly and long time it will give good result.i have been using last one month

Arunasandeep -August 8, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I think this is helping me. The swelling in my joints is less and movements are easier.

Upkar -August 6, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Using it regularly, observed clear difference in and flexibility while using the product.

Mohan Rao -August 5, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Good product. Provided my father some comfort his early osteoarthritic pain. Cheaper than other alternatives available in market and other pharmacy stores. Its not a cure but helps in controlling the disease process.

Sunder Singh -July 29, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

You can feel the effect. The crackling noise in my knees has reduced after taking it continuously for a month. Found it effective.

Divya -July 25, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I am happy with this product..I had great difficulty in my knees movements and to climb stairs and to bend them but I find improvement in my knees flexibility. .I would recommend this product to all those who have knee problems.

Sidharth Shah -May 19, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I got Joinex for my mother who is nearing her sixties and was not keen on taking modern medicines or treatment for her joint problems. Being Ayurvedic she gave it a try apart from her own home remedies. It helped her greatly in reducing the swelling on her legs, and her aches and pains. I recommend this medicines to those having joint inflammation and pain.

Kamalnath -May 7, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I had muscle pain caused by multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis, this medicine helped me so much, mainly during cold season.

Ashish Pillai -April 23, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Being a programmer, I am always on the computer for about 8 to 12 hours minimum a day. Sitting and working has given me a bad backache and sore wrists. I tried Joinex recently and it has given me good results. I hope I get permanently cured from this pain.

Naresh -April 4, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I bought this product 3 months ago. Whenever I waked, my knees became swollen and sore. Now I can say the swelling has gone and the pain also almost gone. I will continue to use Joinex to make sure I can move and rest without pain.

Kamlesh -March 29, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Joinex worked wonders for Arthritis that I had in my hands and wrists. Thank you so much.

Geetha -March 1, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I bought Joinex for my Mother In-law. It is helpful in painful conditions like Joint pain, Knee Pain. It worked well to my mother in law. This product is ayurvedic hence no side effects. It helped my Mother In law reducing her knee pain. She has tried many pain oils and capsules but this pain remains the same. Joinex worked well. So I recommend this joinex to everyone who is suffering from Joint & knee pains. Got free liquid spray also which also works very fast.

Vasanth -February 18, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Fantastic product with people experiencing joint pains, really effective.

Mohameed Azmath -February 11, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Taking the capsules as well spray from past 1 month and It helped me improve joint flexibility reduced joint pain, inflammation, and stiffness in a short period of time.

Ambica Medicals From EastGodavari -January 29, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Customer feedback Good.

Madhusudhan -January 12, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

A helpful Herbal Medicine that relieves all types of arthritic pain. Ayushveda products are really good and they are helpful to many people. Thanks

Jeeva -January 2, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Very good herbal product for the joints pains. Noticed significant improvement. , must use it.

Kanniah -December 26, 2018
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I have a severe problem of wrist pain. After taking this Herbals Joinex, I got immediate relief from pain and also induces sleep. Ayushveda fast delivery.

Anantha Lakshmi -December 9, 2018
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I ordered this for my mother, She was suffering from joint pain…now she is getting better…just one thing..have it regularly and give it 2-3 months to see results. Thanks Ayushveda

Mahesh Kumar -November 18, 2018
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I think this is one of the best joint pain relief Ayurvedic Product I’ve been using in last 3 months with help of my friend. Iam feeling relief now and joint pain from sitting long hours in front of a computer because my job demands such level of attention .I even recommended it to who is suffering from joint pains.

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