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Ayurvedic Medicine for PCOS/PCOD


49 Reviews
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Combos: GYNONARM – 1 Month CourseGYNONARM – 2 Month CourseGYNONARM – 3 Month Course

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Gynonarm works where allopathy fails! While the world says try surgery, we say, try Gynonarm.

Gynonarm has helped many women overcome Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) / Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD), infertility, cyst-formation in the ovaries, uterus, uterine fibroids / polyps and many other similar conditions.

Nature resolves a woman’s problems, far better than any therapy can. It’s the only solution that will never fail.

Finally a pain free solution you always wanted. Start now!

1490.00 1390.00
2950.00 2480.00
4470.00 3570.00

Combos: GYNONARM – 1 Month CourseGYNONARM – 2 Month CourseGYNONARM – 3 Month Course

Need help? 90521 87444


Ayurvedic Medicine for PCOS/PCOD


49 Reviews







  • LODHRA (Symplocos racemosa)

    One of the most recognised Ayurvedic herbs for women’s problems like frequent abortions or miscarriages, menstrual disorders and leucorrhoea.

  • RAKTA CHANDANA (Pterocarpus Santalinus)

    Also known as Red sandalwood, it is used for treating digestive tract problems, fluid retention, coughs and in blood purification.

  • HARIDRA (Curcuma longa)

    Controls high androgen activity in women, thereby controlling PCOS.

  • MANJISTHA (Rubia cardifolia)

    Useful in correcting imbalances and occasional discomfort in the menstrual cycle, in the addition to supporting healthy pregnancies.

  • JAMBU SEED (Syzygium mukul)

    This extract contains active levels of Bitters and Saponins which have carminative, anti-scorbutic and diuretic properties.

  • JATAMANSI (Nardostachys jatamansi)

    Has the power to reduce stress, anxiety and tension by balancing biochemical reactions in the body. Acts as a mind rejuvenation tonic It facilitates sound sleep.

  • BILVA (Aegle marmelos)

    Useful as an immunity booster and a curative medicine. Possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and ant-viral properties. Keeps our bodies toxin-free. Also a rich source of vitamin C.

  • ASOKA (Saraca indica)

    A popular medicine used in the treatment of gynaecological problems and menstrual disorders.

  • SATAVARI (Asparagus racemosus)

    Primarily promoted as an immuno-modulatory herb, a galactagogue and a reproductive tonic.

  • CITRAKA (Plumbago zeylanica)

    Has anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, anti-microbial properties that lower blood sugar and lipids. Works on the bones, plasma, blood and reproductive system.

Fibroid Treatment without Surgery















  • Don’t take Gynonarm capsules during periods
  • Avoid or reduce consumption of junk foods while taking Gynonarm
  • Do brisk walk of min 30 minutes daily
  • Take sufficient quantities of leafy vegetables, greens and fruits
  • Consult doctor once in every 20-25 days

PCOS/PCOD – Today’s Burning Issue for Women

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a complex syndrome that includes problems with a woman’s menstrual cycle (length, intensity), her ability to have children, her hormone levels, and her appearance (excessive hair growth on the chin and cheeks, acne, weight gain, baldness).

Women with PCOS often have ovaries that contain many small cysts, of size seldom exceeding 0.5 cm. The symptoms of PCOS can vary from woman to woman, with some women suffering more than others.

Symptoms can include any of the following:

  • Infertility due to lack of ovulation (PCOS is the most common cause of infertility)
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Menstrual irregularities (Irregular or absent menses)
  • Heavy menstruation (especially if periods are late)
  • Painful menstruation or pain during ovulation, bleeding in the middle of a cycle
  • Pelvic pain (distention, heaviness, stabbing pain)
  • Increased hair growth on the face, chest, stomach, back, thumbs or toes, weight gain around the waist, inability to lose weight despite physical exercise, acne, dandruff, thinning hair (looking like male baldness)
  • Multiple cysts on the ovaries diagnosed by ultrasound

Ayurvedic Treatment for Fibroids

Gynonarm helps you during menopause phase

  • Menopause is the permanent cessation of menstruation
  • Most women undergo this phase in between 45-55 years
  • The reason for menopause is a decrease in ovarian hormones
  • Most women undergo various common problems during this phase, which can be managed well with GYNONARM


What is PCOS/PCOD?

Is Gynonarm a solution for all gynaecological issues?

What is the course and dosage for Gynonarm?

Can Gynonarm be taken during the time of periods?

Do you get any GIT upset or acidity during the treatment?

What diet and regimen should be followed?

What is normal about menstruation?

When should one consult a gynaecologist regarding changes in menstruation?

How is abnormal bleeding diagnosed?

Can ovarian cysts lead to cancer and is Gynonarm effective?

Is Gynonarm Safe?


49 Reviews

4.94 overall rating

Ram Kumar -September 16, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

My wife has irregular periods. This has made a lot of difference for her period cycle and also she kept complaining of pain which also is less now. Continuing for 1 more month.

Radhika Kannan -September 13, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Working for me, maintains cycle and reduces pain.

Saba Hussain -September 8, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Good product. Helps in relieving female health problems very effectively. Back pain, stomach pain and fatigue are also relieved with this.

Smriti Bharti -September 3, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Girls this is only one product which you can use if I have problems related to your periods. Whether you have irregular, or if u have pain during your periods. It will work like a magic. My mother from past 10 years she was having problems with her periods. Now she used this medicine from last 3 months and it worked like miracle. Girls go for it without thinking twice. It is very helpful!!

Roma -August 28, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

One of the best product. I have used in July and ordered again. Very effective on PCOS. Simply awesome & worth buy!

Diya Viji -August 27, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Good product. It does work and I took this med during my menstrual and it did relive me of my very bad cramps. It gave me a very soothing and comfortable feeling and it helps u to relax your mind and body.

Sudha Dubey -August 23, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Very good product and I have good result. My period was regular. I am so happy and thank u to all Ayushveda team 👌😊

Diya Vignesh -August 20, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

This product is magic. Works a lot on me for my extreme condition of PCOS. Used it for just 6 months and now I have no issues. Great product for anyone looking for a solution to PCOS/PCOD disease. Reduced facial hair growth and periods are on time. Highly recommended!!

Swathi Suresh -August 14, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

It is something herbal & non-chemical remedy for my problem. I have been searching long for such medication that isn’t artificial hormone based.. Works like magic!

Sonal Bajpai -August 8, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Due to PCOD I have not got my period for 4 months. After trying Gynonarm I finally got my period on the last day of the 1 month course. I would definitely recommend it!

Pooja Agarwal -August 7, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I ordered it after seeing it’s advertisement in Facebook… I suffered a lot but after trying this great product I got relief and it is very helpful.. I would surely recommend this for women with PCOS and menstrual problems!

Shivkami Shekhar -August 3, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I’m at middle age , but no menstrual. I have 3 fibroids and was in constant pain daily. After taking this product for 3 weeks my pain went from 10 to 0. My doctor wanted to do a hysterectomy. Not happening here. Thanks to Ayushveda!

Michelle Manickam -July 27, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Gynonarm is amazing! I’m still in disbelief. I had fibroids over ten yrs ago, had surgery to remove them, but they came back. My sister ended up having a hysterectomy because of fibroids, and the 4 hr surgery turned into a 9 hr surgery because of mistakes. That put fear in me to have the surgery. I found these capsules online with great reviews and decided to give them a try. It seems as if the fibroids shrink every day. The severe pain I had in my side and back is gone! I’ve been using for a little over a month and will continue to do so.

Sharmele Sukumar -July 22, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I thank God for this product everyday! The instructions is very simple – 2 pills 3 times a day everyday (at least until better results are experienced).

Mahalatchumi -July 16, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I took this product off and on over the last 3 months and I can tell a difference in my cycles. Little to no cramping. I reordered this product and plan to take it as recommended.

Meenakshi Mohan -July 7, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Only been on product for a month. And already notice a huge difference. I was so uncomfortable from my huge fibroid it was hard to go to the bathroom pee or the other. In just a month. In and already My stomach is trim and I feel so so good. Having an ultrasound in a month and I’m confident fibroid will be gone. Will do a video at that point. I’m so grateful. I was in so much pain daily life was becoming a burden. Thank you Thank you. I feel free..

Rekha Ganesh -July 4, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

They work really well to treat the pain and discomfort, bloating. I had an ultrasound that showed the cyst and a fibroid is shrinking. I will continue to take this product and monitor them.

Indra Chatterjee -June 28, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I use this product for fibroids, blood clots and heavy, irregular periods. I take it thrice a day. I can’t afford surgery due to bad insurance. It’s expensive, but the pills work. Thanks Ayushveda!

Abhirami Manohar -June 24, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

This product is Amazing! It worked for me. After 3 months of heavy period this product it stopped it within just 5 weeks of taking it. I truly recommend it!

Monisha Prabhakar -June 19, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I have suffered with fibroids, heavy bleeding, etc. I was ready to get surgery, but I wanted to try one last natural option. My symptoms have changed dramatically with this product! And it works quickly! It is wonderful to have a alternative, natural solution to surgery!

Sinmisola Ougay -June 13, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I have been suffering from heavy periods for nearly 10 years. Last year, my doctor had me do an MRI and they said I had big fibroids that needed to be removed. I did not want surgery and my dear husband, so worried for me, went online and searched for an alternative. He found Gynonarm. We thought there was no harm in trying it out. The very first week I used this product, I knew something changed. My pre-period pains disappeared. When my period came, it was the closest to a normal period I’ve had in almost 10 years. I went on my knees (my culture to show respect and gratitude) and thanked my husband. I’m continuing using this product. My life is so much easier. I thank Ayushveda Herbals. And most importantly I thank God for this discovery.

Tanitha Thomas -June 6, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

They work really well to treat the pain and discomfort, bloating. I had an ultrasound that showed the cyst and a fibroid is shrinking. I will continue to take this product and monitor them.

Lalitha Shetty -May 30, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I been taking Gynonarm for a little over a month and I wanted to share my experience with all the fibroid sufferers out there: I had a 10cm fibroid that was big; it pressed on my bladder, which made me run to the bathroom all day long. Uncomfortable to say the least! My doctor wanted me to get a hysterectomy, but I really didn’t want to do that. I chose instead to go looking for natural remedies, and I found Gynonarm. A blessing! I took 2 at a time, 3 times every day for 3 month. I noticed no bloating; I lost weight; my trips to the bathroom went back to normal– I got my life back!! I will continue taking Gynonarm for a couple more months hoping to dissolve the fibroid. And then I plan on taking 3 a day for maintenance to keep it from coming back. I truly love this stuff!

Damini Shetty -May 23, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I’m using Gynonarm by Ayushveda Herbals and it had been quite helpful in reducing my stress. I think having a product to specifically address PCOS is very thoughtful of them. I like how they are sticking to only natural ingredients. Much love!

Vipasana Reddy -May 18, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I have heard a lot of good reviews about Gynonarm and ordered this product for my daughter. This has a good combination of ingredients and we should see positive results!

Ambika Adiga -May 12, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Just awesome product by Ayushveda Herbals. Have been having this since 15 days & really happy with the changes happening in my body. Finally I have got natural remedy to cure my pcos. Hoping to see the results soon. Also delighted with their throughout chat support for all the queries & diet suggestions that too based on my food preference & daily habits. This will definitely help me achieve my goal. Big thumbs up to Ayushveda Herbals for introducing this product!

Pinky Goenka -May 8, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I have been suffering from PCOS for a long time, so I struggle to keep my hormones in order. After taking this medicine for one month I noticed that it did not struggle as I normally would, it was not painful. This was also the first month that I had a positive ovulation. I have already purchased for another 2 months as suggested by the Doctors.

Karuna Gupta -April 26, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I have to thank FB first to have found this amazing medicine. Just wanted the world to know that this medicine has been very beneficial for my hormone regulation post-baby! Wish I would have known you guys earlier!

Bimla Chauhan -April 18, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I wanted some help in controlling my hormones, especially my period cycles. After taking the medication for about one month, I could see it was working. Even my moods swings are in control too. After consultations with Ayushveda Doctors, I will continue this medications for a few months for sure. Really Ayurveda medicines are better than modern medicine.

Kumari -April 7, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

My friend has recommended Gynonarm to me, and have been using this for 2 months. I noticed the difference in my weight & also my skin, most importantly it brought back my period cycle. Tablets are not too big & it is easy to swallow. Would highly recommend this for other women who have similar issues.

Kalpana -April 5, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

If I could give 10 stars I would. I have been on this course for about 5 months now. I suffer from PCOS quite badly, and my periods were pretty much non existent for about 3 years. Now they are completely normal, having it in 28/29 day cycles.

Mrithula -April 4, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

As I was about to finish my first month course, I got my periods, which was a great relief as I was got it after many years! My mood before the periods was much better and didn’t feel bloated either. Great product!

Nirmala -April 2, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I have PCOS and have struggled with irregular periods all my life. While I was put on the pill, I had so many side effects on my body. Hence decided to go the natural way. I did extensive research and found Ayushveda Gynonarm. I’ve been taking it for 3 weeks exactly and have started my period finally. I am so happy with the results and also noticed a massive difference in my mood and skin as well. Would seriously recommend for anyone struggling with PCOS. I’ve just ordered my second bottle.

Smriti M -March 28, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Best product ever. I got my periods after using it for 10 days. I was not getting my periods for last 5 months. This is an Amazing amazing amazing medicine. Recommended for women who have irregular periods. I am so glad to have found this medicine.

Chitra -February 23, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Due to PCOD I did not have my periods for 3 months. After trying Gynonarm I finally got my period on the last day of the 30 day course. I would definitely recommend it! If any doubts, we can talk to the Doctors over the phone before having the medicine.

Anandhi Sharma -February 20, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

This is magic. Worked like magic for my extreme condition of thin PCOS. Had the course for just 3 months and now I have no issues. Definitely a great product for anyone going through this problem like me. I sometimes wonder why we forget our tradition. It so happened that it reduced my facial hair growth as well, and my periods are on time. Highly recommended.

Tapasya -February 19, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Took Gynonarm for a month and I could see changes. There was a drastic reduction in my acne and unwanted hair growth. Buying them again now! Thanking the Doctors at Ayushveda.

Smitha Puri -February 17, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

A nice herbal remedy for pcos problem. I have been searching long for such medication that isn’t artificial hormone based. Works like magic!

Vibha Choudhary -February 15, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I normally don’t write reviews, but I am doing this for the first time as it has really helped me overcome PCOS. My request to other women undergoing this problem is to first have a conversation with the Doctors at Ayushveda, and then take the course as advised by them. The pain reduced over a period of time and I am fully cured.

Ruchi -February 12, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Thank you Doctor for being so helpful with your guidance and advice. I love you all. Thank you so much.

Lakshmi Priya -February 8, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Thank you for this wonderful product. It is not easy to explain the problems I face. Without surgery my cysts have disappeared. I recommend this to other women undergoing this problem. If you have any problem, the Doctors are there to advice and give us guidance before having the course.

Megna Singh -February 7, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I had my doubts initially, but being Ayurvedic medicine I gave it a try after consultation with the Doctors. It worked for me. Positive mind helps. Painless treatment which is what matters most.

Pari -February 6, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

As per Ayushveda’s doctor’s suggestion, I used Gynonarm for 4 months. And now I went for ultra sound and all reports are normal, and all cysts have disappeared. Its working well for PCOS, I recommend this product.

Manoj Jain -February 4, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Highly recommend for Pcos management. Helped my wife for reversing effects of Pcos

Jessica D sangma -February 4, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I want to ask your opinion? Is it good to eat cucumber first, before taking this? If I take GYNONARM after eating cucumber, I noticed that I didn’t feel the slight burning in my stomach. Is cucumber also good for this light body heat I that felt?

Sunanda -February 2, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I am using Gynonarm for 2 months and I can fell the difference. But I had little pain for about 5 to10 mins in my stomach after taking this medicine. After I spoke to the Doctor, I was advised to drink 1 glass of buttermilk, and now i fell so much better. Please do try!

Navya -January 28, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

But feeling pain after taking a pill.

Sudha Dubey -January 26, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Due to PCOD I have not got my period for 4 months. after trying Gynonarm I finally got my period on the last day of the 30 day cycle of tablets. I would definitely recommend it

Sindulal -January 25, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

It is something herbal and non-chemical remedy for my problem. I have been searching long for such medication that isn’t artificial hormone-based. Best Solution For Gynec Problem.

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