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Ayurvedic Medicine for Thyroid


32 Reviews
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Combos: THYROX – ThyroxTHYROX – 3 Month CourseTHYROX – 6 Month Course

Ayurvedic Medicine for Thyroid
Ayurvedic Medicine for Hypothyroidism
Hypothyroidism Natural Treatment
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Are you afraid of strong side effects from allopathy medicines for Thyroid problems? Worried about artificial hormone therapies?

Do not worry! Ayushveda Thyrox is a natural medicine, specially formulated, to stabilise your thyroid!

Created from natural ingredients, extracted from the purest sources, Ayushveda Thryox uses ancient Rasa Shastra wisdom and years of modern research and testing.

It treats thyroid malfunction that results in hypothyroidism. Ayushveda Thyrox encourages the thyroid to release the right quantities of the thyroid hormone; while also stabilising TSH levels, within 6 months of treatment.

Start on Ayushveda Thyrox now!

3000.00 2950.00
8850.00 7520.00
17700.00 14160.00

Combos: THYROX – ThyroxTHYROX – 3 Month CourseTHYROX – 6 Month Course

Need help? 90521 87444


Ayurvedic Medicine for Thyroid


32 Reviews
Ayurvedic Medicine for Thyroid
Ayurvedic Medicine for Hypothyroidism
Hypothyroidism Natural Treatment








  • SH. GANDHAKA (Purified Sulphur)

    Gandhak is ultra-purified sulphur is made using an authentic Ayurvedic process called rasashastra. The ultra-purified process reduces side effects. Sulfur is an essential mineral that helps with protein synthesis in the human body, and acts on the thyroid gland.

  • PALANDU (Allium Sativum)

    Garlic is reported to be a wonderful medicinal plant owing to its preventive characteristics in cardiovascular diseases, regulating blood pressure, lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

  • KANYASARA (Aloe Barbadensis)

    Aloe vera contains various powerful antioxidant compounds. Some of these compounds can help inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.



















  • As these THYROX capsules balance metabolism and increase OJAS, some people may feel increased heating up of the body which is a natural phenomenon. But this will last for only a few days.
  • We generally advise users to take good quantities of body cooling foods like butter milk without salt, coconut water, fruit juices etc.


  • Normalizes thyroid gland function
  • Reduces dependence on other medicines to normalize TSH levels
  • Provides relief from stress commonly experienced with thyroid malfunction
  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory and reduces body aches
  • Reduces skin and other allergies experienced due to thyroid malfunction
  • Reduces hyper-sensitivity associated with thyroid malfunction
  • Activates the under-active thyroid gland
  • Stabilize the TSH levels and bring them within the accepted range
  • Provides long-lasting relief

What causes Hypothyroidism?

  • The major reason for hypothyroidism is auto immunity factor.
  • Auto immunity is a clinical condition where in your body confuses normal, healthy cells for invading cells. This is called an autoimmune response. If the autoimmune response isn’t regulated or treated, your immune system can attack healthy tissues. This can cause serious medical issues, including conditions like hypothyroidism.
  • The other major reason is physical and mental stress.
  • Physical stress can be defined as stress on the physical body where it is not able to accommodate or adjust to a lifestyle such as fast food, disturbed sleep patterns and environmental risk factors. Mental stress can arise from work pressure, emotional weakness and grief or family disputes.
  • These factors result in the secretion of cortisol, the hormone which acts as a protective mechanism to stress. Cortisol helps in combating physical threat, when the duration of stress increases too much, cortisol causes the tissues to no longer respond to the thyroid hormone signal. This is known as thyroid resistance. It can cause thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) levels to be elevated while T4 and T3 are within the normal range.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism – Ayurvedic approach

  • A medical condition referred by name Galaganda in Ayurvedic texts can be correlated with modern day hypothyroidism.
  • The most common symptom of improper functioning of thyroid gland is neck swelling, which is found in Atharva Veda by the name Apachi. Charaka, the father of Ayurveda, described about this disease under the 20 varieties of sleshma vikaras. Sushrutha has described that out of seven layers of the skin, the sixth layer Rohini is galaganda rogadhistana.

Uniqueness of THYROX manufacturing

  • We’ve adopted time-tested, unique and vedic manufacturing process for producing THYROX.
  • Process we’ve adopted is very unique by virtue of SUDDIKARANA (Traditional way of purification)
  • To give little light on this process of SUDDHIKARANA, all the ingredients are taken into an earthen pot and to it 10 parts of pure desi breed cow milk is added, then covered with earthen caps sealed with mud and these pots will be stored under soil for 21 days. After 21 days these pots will be taken out from the soil caps removed and pots will be paced on cow dung fire until total material turns into pale yellow powder. Then this pale yellow powder is added to 5 parts of desi breed cow butter milk and same process will be repeated. These two steps will be done for minimum of 8 times and final product is collected. By virtue of this unique SUDDHIKARANA, all herbal & mineral ingredients will be dosha removed and bio-activated, so that these ingredients are better absorbed by the consumer’s body to give the expected results.
  • THYROX is the only Ayurvedic answer to reduce dependence on hormonal supplements, if used in accordance with the advice of our Ayurvedic doctors to make your life medicine free.


Can I take THYROX along with allopathic medication for hypothyroidism?

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism over ten years ago. Since then I have been taking allopathic medication. Can I start taking THYROX now?

I have hyperthyroidism. Is THYROX for me as well??

Can THYROX be given to children below 12 years of age?

After I started using THYROX, I am experiencing lots of body heat. What should I do?

I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and I am overweight. I also feel very sluggish. Will THYROX help me reduce weight and become active?

I experience body aches and feel sluggish. Can I have any other supplement along with THYROX to make me feel more energetic and rid myself of these muscle pains?

Can THYROX give me a 100% recovery from hypothyroidism?

Along with hypothyroidism, I have a cardiac problem. Can I still take THYROX?

Can I have the medicine after my meal?

I am generally sluggish and have body aches. Does this mean I have hypothyroidism?

Do I have to follow the dietary advice given in the site?


32 Reviews

4.88 overall rating

Jenny -September 1, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I was borderline Thyroid and did not want to take allopathic drugs. Now I take Ayushveda Thyrox which natural that keeps my hormones on check.

Bharathi -August 29, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Not a lot of people know about this product, I think it is a great supplement without any side effects.

Sidhantha Mahi -August 26, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I refused to use allopathic drugs as I did not feel the need yet, that is when I found Ayushveda Thyrox, I can vouch for it!

Nikita Wade -August 25, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Thyroid would make me grow fatter and fell extreme heat or cold. Ayushveda Thyrox, made it easier for me. Thanks Ayushveda!!

Sobiya -August 21, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I’m border line hypothyroid, wanted something natural to keep my levels under check… Extremely happy with the product..

Prabhu -August 17, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I am using this product from past two weeks which I purchased from online. I feel much better and amazed. I will complete the course as suggested and update the review again.

Vamsi Krishnan -August 16, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I’ve completed 1 bottle & this is the second bottle, my thyroid range brought down from 12 to 2.2 for first 1 bottle itself, should see whether the same continue even after stopping to take the tablets.

Radhika -August 15, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I have checked these capsules and observed a lot good changes after one week. I have to complete course (6 months) and see if really works or not.

Jhana S -August 10, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

It’s a good product. I’m able to see improvement in my health condition.

Jayshree Nahar -June 4, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I can’t thank you guys enough. I bought them after being recommended by my sister, and I am glad I did take her advice. I feel so much better now. Earlier, I was constantly tired, but not anymore. Lost 2 kilos too in 10 days. Thanks to the Doctors at Ayushveda!!

Ashok Yadav -April 22, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I have been taking Thyrox for just over one month now, because I noticed an increase in my energy level within the first week of having this medicine. I didn’t realise taking a thyroid medicine could help this much. I definitely recommend this product. It is effective. Overall I have experienced a positive difference. Thanks to Ayushveda for providing this product at such a good price.

Selvi -April 4, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

After having Thyrox, I have lost some weight and I’m feeling so energised.

L Khurana -March 26, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I am from Hisar, Haryana. I’ve been taking Thyrox from 3 months and I felt a lot difference in my body and its really very effective. So for my reports are normal, but Ayushveda doctor suggested for 6 months, I wish my hypothyroid will cure completely. Thank your Ayushveda Team for all the support.

A Roy -March 22, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism from October 2017. I had taken many thyroid medicines, but no much improvement. Recently when I googled for natural support for Thyroid, Ayushveda’s ad popped up and the reviews made me buy it. I’m so glad I did. There has been a good amount of improvement within a month and a half. Plus, I am following a diet plan provided by Ayushveda Doctors which helps. But, the taste is blah, but if you want to feel better from Hypothyroidism, it’s so worth it.

Sheela -March 19, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Started using Ayushveda Thyrox for the past 25 days, and I’ve started to feel the difference, now I am very active. I did my TSH test and my levels have come down from 11 to 8. It is worth trying this medicine and I would recommend this to people who have Thyroid illness.

Shanthi S -March 18, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I suffer from hypothyroid. After taking these tablets, the negative symptoms that I used to have has gone away! I’m very happy now and have strongly recommend this to my friends and family. Nothing to worry about, as it is made of natural ingredients.

Angel D -March 15, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I’ve been having thyroid issues for few years and in addition to that I had my hysterectomy done couple of years ago. I was depressed after the operation, as i was not able to find a solution for my thyroid problem. My husband had done some research and made me try Thyrox, and I am glad that I did. This is my 3rd purchase of this item and it really works. In the process I have lost about 6 kgs and feel less fatigued too. I recommend you talk to the Doctors at Ayushveda and try it too.

Payal -March 14, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

If you are facing thyroid problems and looking for help, then I recommend you to try Thyrox capsules! But always talk to the Doctor first before having them. Let not my opinion alone influence you, but I am sure you will be completely in love with them after your first discussion. My eating habits are also healthier as the Doctors have recommended that I follow a good diet plan, as medication alone will not help.

Fauziah Begum -March 11, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

My reports were showing high range, which the Doctors at Ayushveda reviewed. They had suggested this medicine. Completed 3 months course and it has come down drastically. There was improvement every month which made me very happy within. Speak to Doctors before buying them online. It really helps.

Renuka -March 10, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Big thumbs up to the Doctors at Ayushveda. They called me to check my status, only after which they advised me on the course. It really built up my confidence before having the capsules. Thanks once again.

Roshni Mukerjee -March 10, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

In my 40’s and was worried of life long medication. Finding Ayushveda through all the research has paid dividends for me. Without doubt a great Ayurvedic product. Need to share this to the rest of the world.

Melissa -March 8, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I’ve completed 1 bottle & currently on the second bottle. My thyroid range came down from 10 to 4.2 from the first bottle itself. Need to test again after completing the course. Big relief.

Nandini -March 7, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Started using this product and I can feel the difference. It’s a good product for thyroid problems.

Sushma -March 7, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I am using this product for the past two weeks, which I purchased directly from this website. I’m feeling much better and I’m truly amazed. I will complete the course as suggested by the Doctors and will update the review again.

Nalini -March 5, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

It really works and I hope others see the benefits too. Cannot thank you enough. Hope the word spreads around quickly.

Neha -March 2, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Been trying Thyrox from January and I can definitely feel the improvement. Doctors are there to advice me when I had any doubts.

Hussain Kothawala -March 1, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Since I started using Thyrox, I am feeling better and can feel the difference. I am now running on the 3rd month of the course. It’s the 250 mg capsule. It’s a good product for thyroid problem and I definitely recommend it.

Hanumanthu -February 22, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I am using this product from last two months which I purchased directly from Ayushveda Website. I feel much better and amazed. I will complete the course as suggested and update the review again.

Ojha -February 17, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I’m very happy with this product, and I strongly recommend it.

Mana Govinda -January 24, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

My Self Mana Govinda, after taking “Thyrox” Capsules for a couple of months, the negative symptoms of hypothyroidism started go away.

Tej Singh -January 15, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

I suffer from hypothyroidism so I ordered this product. Especially like the fact that the product is made with all-natural ingredients in an approved facility.

Besra -January 9, 2019
verified-buyerverified Buyer

Excellent product for Hypothyroid related issues. Works well

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