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Herbal Hair Growth Oil


93 Reviews

Stop hair fall before it stops you any more!

Regro Herbal Hair Growth Oil is a miracle solution for alopecia, or hair loss. It controls hair fall and promotes growth, assuring users of visible and permanent results.

Regro is the only herbal super-saturated hair oil of its kind, created by blending around 15 high-quality herbal ingredients, using the ancient and traditional handmade process, 'Tila-paka.' This long and time-intensive process is what extracts the best from all the ingredients.

Proven results in 21 days.

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Functional Benefits







    (Murraya koenigi)

    Curry leaves are believed to help in strengthening hair roots and can also improve hair growth.


    (Vetiveria zizaniodes)

    Its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, soothing and calming properties, calms irritated and inflamed scalps.


    (Piper nigrum)

    Strengthens hair roots and can even help prevent baldness.


    (Allium sativum)

    Helps increase blood circulation, which stimulates hair growth. Thickens hair and intensifies hair color, making it great for reducing greys too.


    (Bacopa monnieri)

    Brahmi has the amazing ability to thicken the strands while strengthening the roots of your hair.


    (Hibiscus rosasinensis)

    Hibiscus is known to combat hair loss and hair fall in men and women, and prevent the premature graying of hair.


    (Emblica officinalis)

    Promotes the growth of long and healthy hair. Retains the hair’s natural color and prevents it from greying.

  • JATI

    (Jasminum offivinalis)

    Helps strengthen the roots of the hair, making your hair stronger and less prone to breakage. Prevents dry and itchy scalp, especially dandruff.


    (Linum usitatissimum)

    Seeds can nourish both your scalp and hair, keep them hydrated, stop premature greying, prevent split ends and cicatricial alopecia.


    (Amigdalus amarr)

    Almonds contain hair-friendly nutrients, vitamin A, D, B1, B2, and B6 which make the hair healthy, beautiful and promotes growth.


    (Rosa centifolia)

    Petals are rich in vitamins A, B, C and D and moisturises the surface of the scalp from deep within. Prevents inflammation, irritation and harsh, broken hair. It has a soothing effect.


    (Sesamum indicum)

    Oil aids in blood circulation and therefore results in faster hair growth.


    (Cocus nucifera)

    Coconut oil on hair helps reduce protein loss in both damaged as well as undamaged hair. Helps in minimising split ends. Beneficial for preventing baldness and premature gray hair.


Directions for use




Rating and Reviews

93 Reviews

4.45 overall rating

IBRAHIM FARIS - 11/07/2019
verified Buyer

I received this product one month before, Actually i was in doubt when i bought these hair regro oil, for first time, but after buying and using daily, it is improving day by day.... I suggest all people to buy genuine branded ayurvedic hair regro oil, I will soon buy another oil by this month end, excellent, wonderful and powerful product for people those who scare with hairfall....Trust me people its really working, but trust yourself and be patience until the result climb up...... Thank you with regard

Charles A - 09/07/2019
verified Buyer

Took a week for me to receive the courier, but I'm very happy with the results. I dont have the habit of putting oil on my hair, but then you need to let go of some daily routines and religiously follow the instructions. Two months and I'm very very happy to see my hair grow back.

Rafeeq H - 08/03/2019
verified Buyer

Losing hair while in college is very disappointing. Tried 3 hair growth oil in last 14 months, nothing worked as promised. But with Regro, I could see that my hair fall stopped in the 1st week, and then by the end of 3rd week I noticed visible growth of my hair. Two months over, on my third month now and I'm very happy to see my hair grow back slowly. I was frightened of being bald before 25. Now no more fear.

Uday Gopal - 07/03/2019
verified Buyer

Discipline is what I understood is the mantra for this magic hair oil to work. As advised by the doctors, I am using it regularly for the last 3 months, now my hair has become a bit more thicker and my hair in the bald area started to reappear from the 4th week of application. A great product without any doubt. I have shared your website URL to my friends as well. Thank you.

Ravi Goenka - 07/03/2019
verified Buyer

To see receding hairline in just my late 20's isn't a good feeling at all. Came to know about this oil in Facebook. Using it for 3 months now and my hair fall has totally stopped and the thickness of my hair improved. Another thing that helped me was keeping in touch with the doctors at Ayushveda. A big thank you to these great people.

Viky Gurung - 06/03/2019
verified Buyer

I can't thank you guys enough. In the first 2 weeks I could see the difference. The biggest relief for me was, my hair stopped falling. Then after about one month I could notice the hair growth as well. I stopped wearing my cap now. Love you Ayushveda team. Regro I can say is the magic oil that men like me always wanted.

Kartik L - 05/03/2019
verified Buyer

Was doubtful in the beginning, as there were too many people saying the same thing. I decided to try once I was satisfied after talking to the Doctors. I can see the growth happening, but it took about 3 weeks for me to see the change.

Santosh Kumar - 03/03/2019
verified Buyer

Team Ayushveda, thank you so much for this world class product. Just one suggestion, can you guys improve the packaging design, just a thought that came over my head. Ayurvedic products are the best!

Vikesh Agarwal - 02/03/2019
verified Buyer

You guys are wonderful and I am so happy. Two weeks and I could see the change. Thank you for bringing my confidence back.

Sanket Patel - 01/03/2019
verified Buyer

A bit expensive, but it does stop hair loss. Very satisfied customer.

Mehul Shah - 01/03/2019
verified Buyer

It is slow and steady growth. It’s been one month I can see the results gradually, and my hair fall stopped completely. Worth every rupee spent. 100/100.

Mohd Atif - 24/02/2019
verified Buyer

Very useful product. I have finished one bottle and the result is very good. The Doctor had advised me to use Soapnut powder or herbal shampoo for washing hair, and I am seeing good results. Another 2 more bottles to go. Feeling very happy.

Arpna Singh - 24/02/2019
verified Buyer

Easy to use. It is just awesome for my hair. All the ingredients are natural. So it is natural oil that I put on my hair and so happy to see them reappearing. Truly this is awesome for my hair and my confidence.

Pramod Kulkarni - 24/02/2019
verified Buyer

I bought the combo pack of 3 and I got 1 set free. Its my second month of using Regro hair oil and guys it is truly amazing. It is working for me, it truly works. I had so much doubt, but they have really surprised me with the results. .I tried so many products earlier ensuring quick results, but was so dissapointed. But Regro, is working for me. Finally I'm happy.

Saranya - 24/02/2019
verified Buyer

Regro Oil worked for me really well. Though it is slow to work, but I have started getting best results. I'm using this product for last 3 months and I'm finally very satisfied. My suggestion to others is, don't expect immediate and quick results. We have to religiously follow their suggestions to see very good results.

Ramesh Babu - 23/02/2019
verified Buyer

Excellent! Regro Herbal hair oil works. After a lot of searches, I ordered this product. Finally it helped me to get back my original look. I am excited to receive my second order. Thanks a lot for this great product. Thanks, Ayushveda Fast delivery

Shabbir - 23/02/2019
verified Buyer

I could see my hair growth only after 25 days. 100% worth for money. This is working for both me and my wife. Thanks Ayushveda team.

Hussain - 23/02/2019
verified Buyer

Very Decent product. Compare to all oils this is top i think . I have researched enough on this. This is a new online startup with a genuine product Helped to bring back my confidence level. Initially bit worried to pay in advance, and I have preferred for Cash on Delivery. Thank u

Suji - 21/02/2019
verified Buyer

I am using this oil last one month, I have see the new growth and also hair was black. thank you Regro Herbal hair oil. I can use the oil 3 months.

Preethi - 21/02/2019
verified Buyer

Got delivered within 4 days from Hyderabad to Delhi. Package and delivery were good and prompt. Started using and within 15 days of hair, fall has significantly stopped. Thanks to the entire team

Eswar - 21/02/2019
verified Buyer

I am Eswar, the oil is very good I am using since 2 months improved hair growth we can trust this product, I am recommending to my friends. it worth to use a good result I am happy.

chakravarthi - 21/02/2019
verified Buyer

Ayurvedic can never be replaced by any other modern medicines, worth buying !!!! cool stuff. This product, when you smell itself proves it is authentic style ayurvedic oil and also tempts you to use on a daily basis

Harshitha Sri - 20/02/2019
verified Buyer

Finally, I got this product… let’s going to start today…. I am happy to apply and try 1st time… 100% confidence. Thanks, Ayushhhhhhhhhhhh

Lalith Kumar - 20/02/2019
verified Buyer

Good oil...Pleasant Smell...Using since last two weeks, feeling Changes.

Ranjit - 19/02/2019
verified Buyer

Very costly but it is worth for money. Stayed in Mumbai my job is field work for last 5 years lost almost all my hairs. Got hair growth but it took nearly 2 months. Satisfied Thanks, Regro

Daniel - 19/02/2019
verified Buyer

Best Ayurvedic Oil.... Nice fragrance.

Sriram - 19/02/2019
verified Buyer

Miracle oil . I got my hairs in 15 days...!! i used many products i wasted my money But my friend referred me Regro Hair Oil its works Effective.

Sandeep - 19/02/2019
verified Buyer

This oil is working... I am 43 years old and using oil regularly. I have started the oil six months back... I see the difference in my Hair... Thanks one and all for the awesome creation Regro

Satyannarayana - 19/02/2019
verified Buyer

I had used for 45 days my hair fall got cured completely. Amazing product . But Delivery late some time Early , some times they will take more than 6 days

Praneeth - 18/02/2019
verified Buyer

It's very nice and non-sticky...luv it very much This hair oil is Non-sticky. I am going to the office very fine without taking my head bath also... The product is very useful for all types of hair as the roots lie deep in Ayurveda and are very effective for the scalp.

Phani Kumar - 18/02/2019
verified Buyer

100% satisfied

Sameer - 17/02/2019
verified Buyer

Started using..inshallah hoping for a Good result. Within 3 days I got this product fast delivery

Sekhar Reddy - 16/02/2019
verified Buyer

slow and steady growth in new hair growth. its been 2 months I completed today. I have got only little hairs, but my hair fall stopped completely.

Rakesh - 16/02/2019
verified Buyer

Awesome hair oil. I have never used such a miracle product before. Nice iam Satisfied.

Gupta - 16/02/2019
verified Buyer

Ordered today. Hoping for the best result. waiting for produc

Madushudhan - 15/02/2019
verified Buyer

I will get the oil today, after 20 days i will post my review

Vaibhavi Patel - 15/02/2019
verified Buyer

I am using regro from 25days, i can see small new hair, i am happy now, i will continues 3 months for full hair. i am relly happy, thanks to ayushveda

Davuluri Shrinewas - 15/02/2019
verified Buyer

I am using this product from a month. And I really feel a difference in my hair. Before using this product hair fall was very high. Then my cousin brother recommend me to use this oil. also easily available online

Sathish Kumar - 14/02/2019
verified Buyer

AS they nourishes the roots and scalp and prevents hair fall to some extent.. No idea how much it helps premature greying .but stops hair fall

Vijay Kumar - 14/02/2019
verified Buyer

applied it on my scalp I feel nothing oiliness on my hair,

Aminu Ibrahim - 13/02/2019
verified Buyer

Really helped me from hair loss and split hair also apply regularly to Hair

Gangireddy Maheesh - 13/02/2019
verified Buyer

been using hair oil for a month now ..really useful .got rid of hairfall and can spot small hair on my head..thanks

Ajay Patil - 12/02/2019
verified Buyer

Good product. It controls hair fall and grows new hair, ..but late delivery

Parul Singh - 12/02/2019
verified Buyer

After the first order, I got a 10% discount on second order

SOMENDRA NARESH - 12/02/2019
verified Buyer

I got delivered in 3 days and customer support also good. They answered very clear for my doubts. Thank you Ayushveda Support

Dinesh - 11/02/2019
verified Buyer

It is better than 10days hair oil. Best oil in its class.

Vijay Kumar - 11/02/2019
verified Buyer

It’s delivered in 2 days to Delhi and products packing looking good and hair oil smell is very herbal smell, seems it works and I will write again review after this bottle compilation. Thanks for quick delivery.

Prakash Ojha - 10/02/2019
verified Buyer

I am giving 3 starts for very late delivery. I ordered on 13 th June and i got delivered 24th July, its more than 10 days. got hair oil and 4G tablets.

Priya Antil - 10/02/2019
verified Buyer

Its good product. i am using form 2 months and Hair fall completely stopped. Good customer care asking feed back and asked me write review also. Thanks

Sunetha Prakesh - 09/02/2019
verified Buyer

I am Sunetha from Nasik, Regro is amazing, my husband got new small hair on middle bald head in 1 month and today I ordered for 5 more packs. I like to use it too. Thank you so much ayushveda for such amazing product

Javid Shaik - 09/02/2019
verified Buyer

It’s a good product and work. Value for money.

Sheetal Shere from Mumbai - 08/02/2019
verified Buyer

Pack and Smell is good, very quick delivery got in 2 days. thanks.

Kuppuswamy - Madhurai - 08/02/2019
verified Buyer

It’s very good, I like it.

Sitabi Tyagi - 08/02/2019
verified Buyer

Got the product toady, good product.

Sanjay Subba - 07/02/2019
verified Buyer

Great packaging and good product. It have herbal smell but smell is good which works well while going out. Have noticed substantial reduction in hair fall. The most appealing factor is its packing as for rest of oil products we had regular issue of not putting cap tightly and sticky surface. This looks fab and working great too. and its not sticky. i can go office with hair oil

Vikas Yadav - 07/02/2019
verified Buyer

Have been using this product since few days now it is very good. It has very good smell and feels cool. Like many other hair oils it will not stink. About the packaging The product comes in very nicely built and elegant bottle with a nozzle. It makes removing oil easier on to hands and removes any possibility of spilling it over. Price is little bit on higher side but the product is worth it. Go ahead if you are looking for a decent hair growth oil

Rajesh Sharma - 07/02/2019
verified Buyer

I has very dry and damaged hair. But as soon as I started using this oil, the whole scenario was changed. This Regro oil works like a charm for my hair. In just two weeks, my hair becomes soft, smooth and silky. It looks so healthy and manageable

S.shanthi - 07/02/2019
verified Buyer


Ashish pradhan - 06/02/2019
verified Buyer

I got the package yesterday, hope for best results.

Harish Yadav - 06/02/2019
verified Buyer

After using i m reviewing it .This is the best hair growth oil in the market. It reduces hair fall and helps in growth of hair faster. Its fragrance is also good. It is highly recommend hair oil as its results are really best

Kushal Kumar - 06/02/2019
verified Buyer

Just today, I gave ordered. Very soon will share the results review here. Hoping for positive results

S.Baby shanthi - 06/02/2019
verified Buyer

Excellent delivery service first time i am use to hair oil and tablet today but i tell you after 1 or 2 month feed back

Navakanth - 06/02/2019
verified Buyer

My name is Navakanth I used lot of hair oils before but this one felling better to us. Excellent oil..! I found a good result after using.. it works very well for Hairfall Control.. I'll definitely suggest this oil to all.

Mahi - 05/02/2019
verified Buyer

100% worth for money. This is working for both me and my wife. This oil works. After a lot of research ordered this product. Finally, it helped me to get back my hair

Rajesh Verma - 05/02/2019
verified Buyer

Came across this oil on Google search and I decided to buy it after getting to know that it's 100% Ayurvedic with no mineral oil or sulphates. And i have to say i am impressed with this product. Dosent have a bad smell, a slight tinge of camphor, hair looks a dense feeling. Not sticky.. Product comes in a nice plastic bottle, packaging from ayushveda is the best, neatly wrapped with air packets. Delivery took about 4 days. this is 15th day I wish it works for me. Thanks

Nitiraj Pillai - 04/02/2019
verified Buyer

I am very happy that I can see new small hair in my head. But it took 45 days. customer care people said new hair will form in 30 days. in 30days I did not see any but 45 days now I can new hair, I will write a review again after 3 months. I am really happy.

Kumara Varma - 04/02/2019
verified Buyer

Good product if you use a lot of hair products. i apply it after my bath.. i have noticed i got more volume and control over styling my hair

Sahnkara - 03/02/2019
verified Buyer

I like it, it's working for me.

Sandhya Rai -
verified Buyer

I Tried almost all the Brands in the market. Finally, Regro Medicated hair oil saved my life. Out Put was Excellent with in 3 Months. Thanks Ayushveda

Saket - 02/02/2019
verified Buyer

Product pack very good and oil smell also good. I am giving 3 starts for late delivery. again i will give 5 stars after results

Pragna S - 02/02/2019
verified Buyer

I have purchased this oil for my husband, and he is very happy with the results. This hair oil works great, very effective, and lightweight and gets absorbed quickly. It's helped in hair growth. The smell is good. he is using daily. It is costly as compared to other hair oils, but very effective worth buying the product.

Mohseen K - 02/02/2019
verified Buyer

Its delivered today and smell good and packing is good, i hope it works

Karthi - 01/02/2019
verified Buyer

Hi I have received this oil today, nice smell and well packed I will tell my results and reviews after 25 days.

Vikas - 01/02/2019
verified Buyer

excellent product, in a few days hair has started. Good oil.

Bikram - 31/01/2019
verified Buyer

I have heard benefits of Regro oil from many and therefore I decided to buy this Ayurvedic hair oil. It is awesome. It has helped in my hair growth, My hairs are thin and regro oil is proving beneficial instantly. This is an awesome product and I really love this product.

Ahmed - 31/01/2019
verified Buyer

Ahmed from Jammu, I ordered 3rd September and got delivered 17th Sep its took 2 weeks. Only 3 starts for late delivery. I will write review again after 1 months about the product.

Ruchi shah - 30/01/2019
verified Buyer

Regro quite good waiting for complete stoppage of hair fall Loved the offer Three Combo Regro Medicated Oil 20% Discount... and satisfied service by Ayushveda ..thank you

YADAGIRI - 28/01/2019
verified Buyer

It's a good and original product I got results with in 45 I suggested to my friends to use this product.

Sinod Paswan - 28/01/2019
verified Buyer

I almost applied it 7 days a week .it looks good up to now, I don't know if it has helped me grow more hairs but i feel my hairs stronger then before. This actually helped me in decreasing hairfall.

Priyanka Roy - 27/01/2019
verified Buyer

working in my case. hair fall rate has reduced over last month of application

Sagar Mittal - 27/01/2019
verified Buyer

Good oil for hair. After using this stop hairfall

Kiran S - 27/01/2019
verified Buyer

My hair fall has reduced drastically. This is just my Second bottle so hoping it'll get better in future. Thank you Ayushveda for the super fast delivery Fedex... And it doesn't have any side effects too.

B.K Ojha - 26/01/2019
verified Buyer

I am upset with late delivery.

Shamshad Ali - 25/01/2019
verified Buyer

I am using Regro oil from 3 months and now i can new hair above forehead and i think its working but bit slow in 3rd month i seen strong hair, in 2nd months i have seem only very slim hair. finally i have seen the results. Great product.

Shubani - 25/01/2019
verified Buyer

Overall , Regro Hair Oil worked well for my hair. It reduced dandruff along with iam using D-Gone Dandruff Gel and hair fall up to a certain extent without causing any allergy or reaction to my scalp. It is worth trying this product. Recommended!

Ramalingam B - 24/01/2019
verified Buyer

This is very Nice and After using this oil i have noticed that it Reduce My Hair Fall.

Jyothi Kumari - 23/01/2019
verified Buyer

I am really like this hair oil. After pregnancy i had so much of hairfall and this oil worked wonders for my hairs.. I used it Four Times a week, keep it overnight . I highly recommend this product. It a must buy!

Teja - 22/01/2019
verified Buyer

I want to use this Regro Hair Oil , Because before i used Ayushveda products it looks good. I would love to use this combination Dgone Gel & Regro hair Oil For Reducing My Dandruff.

Bantu Kapoor - 21/01/2019
verified Buyer

One of my trusted brands for Regro Hair Oil. I am so satisfied with it that, I hesitate to apply other brand hair oils. Regro Hair Oil is an additional benefit...Its a welcome upgrade for me.

Devendra - 20/01/2019
verified Buyer

It's original quality, Thanks for the early delivery

Ajay Kumar - 19/01/2019
verified Buyer

Decreases hair fall for sure.Atleast worked for me and my wife.But Waiting for new hair growth 45 days completed. It's working and reduction in hair fall

Praveen - 19/01/2019
verified Buyer

Little reduction in hairfall observed. Nothing much.. But Okay

Prashant Maruthi - 18/01/2019
verified Buyer

Its an amazing product i buyed this Product from Amazon . Iam using it since from last three months and very satisfied with the product quality