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For Erectile Dysfunction (New Improved Formula)


28 Reviews

Re-live the power of your teenage years. Re-discover the strength of your manhood. The vigour and stamina of your wonder years, is rightfully yours to enjoy even today!

More than 50% of men over the age of 40 experience erectile dysfunction or sexual weakness. Do not feel shy, erectile dysfunction is very common these days, and is curable with very simple Ayurvedic medication and it is extremely effective.

Enjon is the best ayurvedic sex medicine to help you regain your natural strength, stamina, vigor and vitality. Created from rare and pure Ayurvedic ingredients, the medicine restores to men the power that they once enjoyed, with stable and long-lasting results.

Enjon is completely safe for people who are Diabetic or having high blood pressure. It also helps if you are suffering from premature ejaculation, low libido and infertility.


₹ 950.00

(Extra 10% Off on Online Payment)
  • *100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Free shipping available*
  • Easy return within 15 days

Functional Benefits

Lasts long time

Increases strength and stamina

Strong erection and girth

Increases vigour and power

Prevents aging-related outcomes

Lifts up mood

Ensure better sleep


  • Safed Musli

    (Asparagus adsendens)

    Traditionally used for boosting vitality and improving sexual performance.

  • Asvaagandha

    (Withaniasomnifera dunal)

    Has been used for over 3,000 years to relieve stress, increase energy levels and improve concentration.

  • Sarpagandha

    (Rauwolfia serpentine)

    Has several health benefits: reduces high blood pressure, insomnia and controls dysentery.

  • Gudchi Stem


    Its roots, stems, and leaves have all been used medically for thousands of years to increases the body's resistance to stress & anxiety.

Directions for use




Rating and Reviews

28 Reviews

4.7 overall rating

Sathish N - 21/03/2019
verified Buyer

I’m 57 and my erections were very weak, so was not able to have sex. I tried taking modern medicine for quick results, but was having chest burn and blurry vision. Then I started having Enjon, now my erection is very strong and able to live my normal sexual life. No side effects at all. I feel so young now, wish i knew about Enjon earlier.

Krishnan - 20/03/2019
verified Buyer

I hope other people with high blood pressure are also aware of Enjon. I knew instant tablets were not good for me and dangerous. The course for long term benefit is something that I was looking for. I don't know how else to share this information, as I am too shy to talk to others. Hope you guys become famous, so others also get cured.

Neelesh S - 18/03/2019
verified Buyer

Thank you Ayushveda for giving me Enjon. Being a Diabetic I was not able to perform for many years. In my age discussing this with others is not so easy. I'm very happy today, and I have my confidence back.

Karan Nambiar - 16/03/2019
verified Buyer

I’m 54, married and a Diabetic for the last 15 years. Erectile dysfunction and Premature ejaculation were two things I was suffering. I did not have the courage to talk to Doctors and my sexual life was literally zero. Life changed for me when I saw the Ad for Enjon in FB. Three months course, and it has made a world of difference for me. I’m happy and feel young again, and most importantly leading a happy married life.

Mahesh Murthy - 15/03/2019
verified Buyer

Guys, speak to the doctors if you have other issues. I spoke to them and realised it helps in "premature ejaculation" as well. It is so very true. I think the name of Enjon should be changed to Miracle. You guys are my saviour.

Bishwanath Sen - 14/03/2019
verified Buyer

From the time I started using Enjon, I have been very active and happy. It has in fact motivated me to exercise and lose weight as well. I felt the difference very quickly and have been very active now. Enjon works very well and I'm happy that I did not go for instant and short term remedy. Thanks Ayushveda.

Premnath - 08/03/2019
verified Buyer

I am amazed how effective Enjon is. I am able to have and enjoy intercourse properly after so many years. Thank you very much, Ayushveda!

Narender Singh - 07/03/2019
verified Buyer

Thanks to the Ayushveda team for handling everything so efficiently. Everything about Enjon has been great. I should call this a "Miracle" for men with ED problems. I am grateful for Ayushveda’s help and have nothing but good things to say about you guys.

Manjunath - 05/03/2019
verified Buyer

I am in my late 40's and did not want any instant tablet. Was very shy to discuss my problem with anyone, and I was very shy to ask chemist about the same. So did a lot of search online before I found Enjon. This is a real life changer. Its been more than 3 months now, and I'm fit as a fiddle, you guessed it right. Thanks to the Doctors at Ayushveda.

Dominic S - 05/03/2019
verified Buyer

If there is something that needs a review, this is definitely the one. I did not want a short term remedy. With the high stress that I go through in my daily life, I wanted a natural healer. Within one month, I can feel the difference, which has helped me mentally as well. Life is back to normal again. Thank you Enjon for bringing back the man in me.

Prabhakar Salve - 04/03/2019
verified Buyer

This has definitely helped me improve my sexual life and I'm now feeling very happy. Fully satisfied with the purchase. Thank you so much Ayushveda for bringing back the confidence in me.

Srikanth - 01/03/2019
verified Buyer

Really worked as promised without any side effect. Completely herbal. It kept me active the full day in my busy life. Feeling confident now.

Ravikiran Reddy G - 28/02/2019
verified Buyer

I used just one Bottle. From the first bottle i got 10% discount also. I felt no side effects. i am using 2 capsules daily now, started second bottle to boost my strength. Initially, i enjoyed only for 2 mins after taking Enjon, then my power increased day by day. Now I can perform for 20 mins and enjoying life with my GF. I feel energetic now during sex. Super fast Delivery. Genuine product and discount also. Thank you Enjon. Thank you Ayushveda.

Shubham - 20/02/2019
verified Buyer

1 capsule in the morning & 1 capsule in the evening with milk. I tested my energy levels before and after using Enjon. It's very effective and very use full. I'm not scared anymore. The best part is, it is herbal.

Chetan Pahwa - 14/02/2019
verified Buyer

Nice Ayushveda product. It works very well to reduce your stress & makes you feel very good and energetic. No side effects. Recommended to all. I am going to order it for the third time as i am very happy with its results.

Veeraswamy - 30/01/2019
verified Buyer

I have used Enjon as advice by the Doctor, and its excellent for male health. Rejuvenated my vital organs, made me bit younger as well. I really recommend this product, but don't expect miracles in a day. I could feel the difference once taking the full course as suggested. You will definitely see a lot of difference in energy.

Hari Shankar - 22/01/2019
verified Buyer

Good product for regular use.stamina etc increases. Good for using no side effects found .nice of an Indian company, lovely.

Manohar - 03/01/2019
verified Buyer

Doesn't start working immediately. You have to take this on a regular basis after one-month results start. without any side effects. now I am very happy & Enjoying Thanks, Ayushveda, Enjoy

Mujahid - 29/12/2018
verified Buyer

Reduces stress, increases energy, improves fitness & increases sexual desire. fast Delivery

Sri Vastava - 23/12/2018
verified Buyer

It's magnificent and makes us active all day I recommend to all who have a stressful life and a busy schedule! Thanks, Ayushveda !!!!!

Surya Narayana - 11/12/2018
verified Buyer

Ayurvedic-Herbal product, no side effect and most importantly. It has resulted. now in one month completed successfully.

Jeevan - 29/11/2018
verified Buyer

Works great. I used this twice a day for the last 2 months. Its just awesome Ayushveda product

Raju Mukund - 19/11/2018
verified Buyer

My first experience is Good.

Vamsi - 08/11/2018
verified Buyer

This is Genuine Product as I am using the product for the last 3 months.

Shravan - 30/10/2018
verified Buyer

It is good if taken regularly. my strength has increased and I have confidence now. Great Experience. Thanks, Enjoy.

Anjaneyulu - 25/10/2018
verified Buyer

I am suffering from stress, lazy to work, mental & body weakness & other problems, I used Two bottle's (60 cap's per bottle)with milk,I use everyday morning one cap & evening one cap after food with hot milk,my weakness gone,now I am ok (strong),I will continue more bottle's,Thank you Ayushveda Innovations.

Yusuf - 22/09/2018
verified Buyer

I feel very energetic.

Ankur - 16/09/2018
verified Buyer

I looked into Ayushveda Website and decided this was the product for me.ENJON Helps sexual capacity for me.I bought this product about a month ago, I am very Happy Now. Thanks, Ayushveda