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Ayurvedic Diabetes Medicine


27 Reviews

Has Diabetes been hindering your daily life lately? Why fear when VINDAB is here!

A product with time tested Ayurvedic Formulation, VINDAB, is one ayurvedic diabetic medicine to cure a multitude of problems. Being highly efficient, this lowers the blood sugar levels, thereby, lowering any dependence on external hormones/ allopathy medicines.

Made with the most pure & rare form of herbs, it’s collected at its most mature stage to produce active ingredients. These act as catalysts to co-deliver their medicinal power with maximum synergy!

Regular usage of VINDAB will not only make your pancreas produce more hormones, but will also promote the utilization of the same. Once used in the pre-diabetic stage, one can maintain normal sugar levels for several years!

Tying up VINDAB with a diet of all the macro & micronutrients and a regular exercise regime, this will result in normal blood sugar & cholesterol levels and increase energy & vitality.

For best results and to keep your diabetes in check, consume VINDAB Herbal Diabetic Tea along with VINDAB tablets.

To know more about VINDAB Tea click here


₹ 1,290.00

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Functional Benefits

Improves energy levels

Supports processing of normal blood sugar

Improves vitality and energy

Reduces risk of kidney dysfunction



    (Emblica officinalis)

    Amla helps lower the level of sugar in the blood, thereby controlling diabetes. Amla stimulates the pancreas’ Islet of Langerhans which further regulates the suitable secretion of the pancreatic hormone.

  • TVAK

    (Cinnamium zeylanicum)

    Cinnamon has a moderate effect in improving glycemic control and management of type 2 diabetes.


    (Tenospora cordifolia)

    Giloy enhances glucose tolerance and controls adrenaline induced Hyperglycaemia. Enhances the capacity to burn glucose and decreases the blood sugar level.


    (Argemone mexicana)

    Svarnakshiri is a wonderful plant that has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic and analgesic properties.


    (Gymnema sylvestre)

    Gymnema sylvestre has anti-diabetic properties and can block sugar receptors in your intestines, to decrease glucose absorption and lower your blood sugar after a meal.


Directions for use





Rating and Reviews

27 Reviews

4.65 overall rating

Divya Shree - 09/08/2019
verified Buyer

Very good ayurvedic product for diabetes. My fasting numbers have gone down. No side effects. Good health improvements also! Must try!!

Dilip Kumar - 05/08/2019
verified Buyer

Wonderful medicine for controlling diabetes. It works very well. I have recommended it to my family and friends. It takes time since it is Ayurvedic but gives you the best results. It helps your body to produce natural insulin instead of taking insulin from outside which is necessary to control Sugar levels. Along with proper diet and physical activities Vindab works very well.

Sapna Singh - 02/08/2019
verified Buyer

My fathers been taking this supplement along with his diabetes medicines for a month now. He's seeing very good results with his energy level so will continue for another 2-3 months. Spoke to a doctor at the company and got free consultation. Try it.

Deva Kumaran - 29/07/2019
verified Buyer

I ordered this medicine for my mother and within 2 weeks we could see the results. Her energy has improved and her glucose level is much in control.

Shaji John - 25/07/2019
verified Buyer

This product was suggested by a family friend, I was skeptical about medicines as every other company claims they have the best medicine to curb diabetes. I wanted to try this for my Uncle who is ailing with type 2 diabetes. Its been over a month of using this product and I can see minor improvements in the over all health of my uncle. These guys are not just selling the product but also guiding on the day to day on Food and Exercises along with this ayurvedic tablets. This is really excellent and the medicine is working perfectly with their way of prescription. Thank you, Ayushveda team!

Inderjith Singh - 19/07/2019
verified Buyer

Very effective

Joshi - 15/07/2019
verified Buyer

It really work for me.I am a boderline sugar patients after using it my sugar level become normal my special thanks to Ayushveda Herbals

Sreenivas Rallabhandi - 06/07/2019
verified Buyer

It works very good with little exercise and diet control.

Ritwik - 02/07/2019
verified Buyer

Reduced my mother in law's blood sugar from 280 to 135. A definite recommendation for any family member with diabetes

Chandran Chowdry - 29/06/2019
verified Buyer

This is working amazingly well. Truly a fantastic product.

Manoj Reddy - 24/06/2019
verified Buyer

Nice product.Good results. Value for Money.Must buy for Diabetes patients.

Srikanth - 03/06/2019
verified Buyer

Take this along with your regular medicine. Take it 30 minutes before food. Depending on improvement in your sugar levels gradually reduce the medicine and maintain this extract. Good product.

Suresh - 25/05/2019
verified Buyer

Works great I need to get on some kind of ordering system to keep this in stock and keeps my sugar in descent range . With a proper diet it will keep your blood sugar level in a good range

Shankar Tuli - 03/05/2019
verified Buyer

After I came to know that I might be a pre-diabetic, I started controlling my eating habit and consumed less sugar. I also ordered Vindab and have been taking for a week. My blood sugar level from 109 reduced to 84 after just having this medicine for one week. I’m really grateful to you guys.

Saravanan Sethuraman - 28/04/2019
verified Buyer

When I started to have this medicine in the beginning I did not notice a big difference, but after 3 weeks I could see my blood sugar levels go down. In the process, my craving for sweets especially after a healthy meal have also gone down, maybe it is just me. I would recommend people to go the natural Ayurvedic way! Proud of you guys.

Varun - 22/04/2019
verified Buyer

For a long time I wanted a natural way to bring my blood sugar under control. I came to know about Vindab and tried the medicine for one month and have noticed a difference. Wish I knew about Vindab earlier. Thank you.

Pradeep Ganguly - 12/04/2019
verified Buyer

Just one word, “Superb”. My mom started to have Vindab, and she is so much better after taking these capsules. She was on allopathic medicine for the last 3 years. I’m hoping she remains healthy and sugar free.

Stephen Kuriakose - 06/04/2019
verified Buyer

This is a wonderful medicine for controlling diabetes, and I have also recommended this to my family and friends. Though it takes time since it is Ayurvedic medicine, it gives you the best results. This medicine helped my body produce natural insulin which is necessary to control sugar levels. Being a Keralite, I have the habit of eating more rice, which I have controlled now, and started to take care of my body and health by having proper diet and physical activities. Vindab works very well.

Vivek Sharma - 29/03/2019
verified Buyer

After using for 30 days, my fasting sugar levels have reduced from 125 to 96. I’m very happy and have also recommend this to my relatives & friends.

Mahesh Ramanathan - 26/03/2019
verified Buyer

This product was suggested by a family friend, but I was sceptical in the beginning as every company claim they have the best medicine to curb diabetes. I wanted to try this for my Uncle who is ailing with Type 2 diabetes. It’s been over a month now and we can see improvements in his overall health. These guys are not just selling but also guided us on the day to day routine for the type of food and the exercises one should follow along with this ayurvedic tablets. This is really excellent and the medicine is working perfectly with their way of prescription. Thank you Ayushveda.

Tanveer - 03/03/2019
verified Buyer

I take it for diabetes and it is under control. good courier

Sindu - 28/02/2019
verified Buyer

We have started using it . We will come to know of the effects of it after some time.

Sharath Chandra - 24/02/2019
verified Buyer

This herbal capsules helps to control sugar. I bought this product for my grand father he said thanks to me for giving me this product to him he feels much improvement he feel improvement in his diabetes.

Venkateshwara Rao - 30/01/2019
verified Buyer

Product is ok for diabetic person . From packaging to quality , everything is best.. No issues , expire date is also very very far..

Kiran Reddy - 25/01/2019
verified Buyer

My father uses it regularly, and his diabetes is now in control. But along with this he also maintains his diet to ensure low blood sugar level.

Jayapal Singh - 28/12/2018
verified Buyer

All things are nice good courier also

Sukumar - 15/12/2018
verified Buyer

VINDAB Works great!!! Completely worth it!! Keeps diabetes under control and in very short time Without any side effects.